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Dornie & District Community Council

Housing Allocation Process

The Council and their housing association partners are under a legal obligation to give reasonable preference to certain groups, such as those whose housing is unsatisfactory, including for example, cases of overcrowding or where the housing does not meet the tolerable standard, and to those who are homeless or who are threatened with homelessness.


The council operates a Common Housing Register so that applicants need apply only once to be considered for housing in the Highland area and thereafter allocations are based on a points system.  As an example of how points are awarded urgent medical needs and homelessness is assessed at 70 points while someone living in a caravan is assessed at 15 points.  The applicant’s preferred area is also taken into account when offering accommodation.  As it is an open list any individual’s place on the list can vary from day to day as new applicants appear on the register and others take up accommodation.


This is only a brief summary of the process.  For further information please visit the Highland Council's Housing Register website.


Information is also available from the following documents:


The Housing Scotland Act

The Highland Housing Register Information Leaflet

The Highland Housing Register Allocations Policy