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Dornie & District Community Council


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Draft Minutes for Dornie District Community Council 27th May.docx02 June 202423kB
Minutes for Dornie and District Community Council 29th April.docx02 June 202423kB
Dornie_District minutes 26 Feb 2024.docx28 March 202417kB
Dornie_District 25thMarch2024.docx28 March 202426kB
File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
13th feb 2023.docx23 April 202319kB
Minutes 27th March 2023.DOCX08 June 202321kB
Dornie CC Minutes 29th May 2023.docx02 August 202319kB
special meeting 22nd June2023 minutes.docx02 August 202319kB
Dornie _District minutes 31st July 2023.docx04 September 202322kB
Dornie district_cc_28th August2023.docx02 October 202323kB
draft_minutes dornie_district 25th Sept 2023.docx02 October 202328kB


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13th Jan22 Bank name change.docx08 February 202215kB
26th November 2022.docx19 February 202318kB
26th_sept_2022.docx15 December 202219kB
8Sept22.docx02 October 202229kB
Feb 2022.docx05 April 202218kB
Jan 2022.docx14 November 202224kB
June 2022.docx17 September 202220kB
march 2022.docx19 July 202217kB
May 2022.docx14 November 202220kB
Minutes extraordinary meeting 20july2022.docx17 September 202221kB


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Minutes_Jan 2021.docx30 March 202121kB
minutes 29th March 2021.docx31 May 202121kB
Minutes May 2021.docx06 September 202117kB
minutes_30Aug21.docx02 October 202120kB
minutes 27th sept 2021 dornie CC.docx16 November 202119kB
minutes 25th Oct 2021 dornie CC.docx24 December 202118kB
Minutes 29 11 21.docx08 February 202218kB


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cc minutes 28.1.20.docx03 March 202018kB
minutes 24th august 2020.docx06 September 202018kB
minutes 27_7_20.docx06 September 202017kB
Minutes 26_10_2020.docx21 March 202120kB
Minutes 30Nov2020.docx21 March 202116kB
minutes 24 feb 2020.2.20 1.docx21 March 202110kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
AGM Minutes for 2020.docx13 April 202113kB
AGM May 2021.docx31 May 202113kB
Agenda _AGM 30th May 20221795.docx10 June 202213kB
AGM draft minutes 29th May 2023.docx08 June 202317kB
Agenda _AGM 29th May 2023.docx08 June 202314kB
AGM minutes 2022.docx08 June 202316kB