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Dornie & District Community Council

Affordable Housing

Added on 03 February 2013

Following on from the Community Council's campaign to ensure that the allocation of the new housing at Carr Brae road takes accounts of the needs of the local community, we are following up with a request to Dave Thomson, MSP, to lobby for the re-instatement of the Rural Homes Ownership Grant and for greater clarity in the criteria for the Croft Housing Grant Scheme. 

The government did away with the Rural Homes Ownership Grant, a mechanism which helped first time buyers/builders with funding.  The purpose of the Scheme is to improve and maintain the standards of crofter housing with the aim of attracting and retaining people in the more remote areas of the Highlands and Islands.  However, increasingly stringent and unexplained criteria are being applied to the detriment of the scheme.  More information on the Scheme here and our letter is here.